We believe a healthy Earth starts with a healthy community. To ensure we reach our community wellness goals, we focus on food and environmental justice, social health education, and physical activities. Understanding that it truly takes a village to effect change, we set out to establish strong relationships with non-profit organizations, social influencers, government entities, corporations and learning institutions.

7% of people in the United States live in food deserts. More than half of them (13.5 million) are low-income.
Approximately 2.3 million people (2.2% of all US households) live in low-income, rural areas that are more than 10 miles from a supermarket.
White neighborhoods have on average 4 times as many supermarkets as predominantly Black and Hispanic ones do.


Broccoli City increases access to fresh and healthy foods by building community gardens, particularly in food deserts and low socioeconomic areas, that lack access to fresh and healthy food.

We construct raised-bed gardens and provide on-going support to ensure that gardeners feel supported as they grow their food. Working with children youth, families on these projects we are able to not only grow healthy food but more importantly, grow healthy people and communities.

Some of our partners include USDA, Malcolm X Elementary School, The Giveback Collaborative, DC Ward 8 Arts and Culture Council, District Parks and Recs, Toyota Green Initiative and Greater Washington YMCA.


In an effort to combat disproportionately high rates of food based health problems (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease) that proliferate our community, we’ve worked with our community partner, The Green Scheme to develop curriculum’s that provide relevant strategies to be healthier physically, mentally, and financially.

We engage youth in weekly, structured hands-on workshops based around strategies on living healthier and anchored in urban agriculture. We develop health strategies, prepare healthy, affordable meals and snacks that can be prepared relatively quickly; urban agriculture training; lessons on entrepreneurship, and more.

Code Green educates children, youth, and adults about how environmental issues such as proximity to high rates of pollution: access to fresh produce and healthy food options: safe opportunities and spaces for physical activity: and how the cleanliness of communities where we live, work, and play can affect their physical health, mental health, and economy.

We highlight different options that they have for living a sustainable lifestyle at home and in their community.  Promoting ways to incorporate sustainability and healthy living, the programs we implement are very hands on while also incorporating multimedia/expressive art aspects.


By leveraging our reach and Broccoli City Festival, we organize, activate, and deploy volunteers to high impact projects that build and transform communities.

In 2016, we have deployed almost 1,500 volunteers, amassed over 4,000 volunteer hours, made 2,000 meals for homeless and hungry (via #HashtagLunchbag , DC Kitchen), planted 125 trees, cleaned up 25 square blocks, picked up 600 bags of trash and recycling, built 18 community garden beds, planted 600 vegetable, herb, and fruit seedlings, and painted community murals.

Through the Power of One we created a social economy that rewards participants who volunteer with our program with a marketplace where the time they work can be exchanged for cool items like BCFest tickets, items from our partners, concert tickets, special access to events, and more.

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