MITD: Every artist has a public image. Who is Rejjie Snow when the cameras are off?

REJJIE SNOW: Just the most normal person in the world. Kinda boring. Kinda like an old man, you know? I don’t really do much. Stay at home all day, you know?

MITD: So, you’re more of an introverted artist?

REJJIE SNOW: Yeah, I just stay at home, go the the bar, drink. My pastimes I like to read a lot. I do boxing. The other stuff I do besides music just kinda keeps me sane.

MITD: Respect. Good stuff. Ok. So, music is a universal language.Your success has been very global. We see you! You get to see your music interpreted across the world. Back home, what are your shows like?

REJJIE SNOW: You know what? I’ve yet to even do a show in Dublin. I don’t know. I literally haven’t even done a show there. I’ve done festivals, but that’s different. When you do festivals, people aren’t always there to see you. But we’ll see. I have my first show back in April. It’s like my homecoming show so I’m pretty excited. It’s gonna be weird because most of my friends don’t really know me to make music. I’m kinda skeptical, but whatever.

MITD: You know it’s gonna be amazing.
REJJIE SNOW: Yeah. I’ma bring some energy.

MITD: The creative process can be very ritualistic. What’s yours like?

REJJIE SNOW: It differs depending on the mood I’m in. I always try to do things impulsively. I just have a feeling. If I don’t have a feeling I can’t go into the studio and force it. My process is weird. Recently I was sitting down at the piano trying to make songs as opposed to when I first got into music when I would go home and listen to other people. Not like mimic, but like try things. I guess recently I’ve just found myself way more and I just like know my process more now. That just involves me like watching movies . and then just I don’t know like being around good people or whatever. That’s enough for me to get where I need to get in my head, put it down on paper and then kinda get the message across.  Music is just so beautiful, I never saw the beauty in instruments so that’s my whole new thing. I kind of just discovered that. My new album is really instrumental, so it’s cool.

MITD: So, what instruments are you playing?

REJJIE SNOW: Piano and drums, but I’m not playing piano myself. I’m learning piano right now, so hopefully on my next album I can do that. . So yeah. Oh and clarinet. It’s real jazzy and I love jazz.

MITD: Name an artist that changed your perspective on music?

REJJIE SNOW: Probably Freddie Mercury.

MITD: Any particular song of his?

REJJIE SNOW: Actually, you know what? I think George Michael. I just think he’s like sick. Just how he did music. My favorite song is probably like– Fast Love [laughs]. And also, my mom is to always like play that shit. So, as I got older, I was like– yo this shit’s crazy! It’s like mad progressive, yeah man.

MITD: What has been the most difficult part of being in the music industry?

REJJIE SNOW: It’s kinda toxic. You just kinda don’t know who has your best intent.  You just kind of like have to keep your eyes peeled, and not get fucked too much. That’s all it is. Yeah.

MITD: What has been the most fun?

REJJIE SNOW: Travelling. I get to see places.

MITD: Imagine: you’ve had the career every artist dreams about. You leave the world. You’re reincarnated. What would come back as?

REJJIE SNOW: Does have to be human form?

MITD: Not at all. It can be whatever you want!

REJJIE SNOW: OK word. I’d come back as a dog.

MITD: Why?

REJJIE SNOW: I don’t know. I kind a relate to how they live. I’m not a dog or anything, but I guess I love dogs and I relate to them a lot. I think they’re important like in terms of communication and communicating. I’d be all domesticated. I’d sleep and eat food and all that.

MITD: What kind of dog?

REJJIE SNOW: I’d be a boxer.

MITD: Nice. They’re definitely a dope breed. Ok, so what’s one of your guilty pleasures?

REJJIE SNOW: Guilty pleasures? Probably that I like being naked a lot. [Laughs] I’d just rather live a nude life. So like if you chill for me for like a week or some shit, you’ll see me naked. I don’t know.. It’s weird.

MITD: That’s free and awesome.

REJJIE SNOW: I mean, yeah.

MITD: Ok, let’s switch things up a bit.  There has been a major shift in the socio-political climate, globally. How are you currently feeling about the temperature in America?  

REJJIE SNOW: You know what? I feel it, even though I’m not from there. I feel the energy. I feel the frustration. I don’t know what’s going to like–  come of everything, because it’s like– people don’t really know what’s going on. So it’s like,when you know what’s going on you can assess it. I guess Donald Trump or whatever, in the position of power that he’s in, it’s like– people voted for him and it’s kind of scary. He doesn’t really stand for too much. I don’t know, isn’t that like the point of electing someone? I think now it’s important for artists to come together and give people art. I think art kind of shifts everything. Music is important. It’s important for artists to make the best music possible and that helps bring people together. But I don’t know I just be sending mad love to Mexicans, cause it’s fucked up with this whole thing.And Muslims? It’s just not right.  Humans are humans. I like walk around here, and I don’t know the the politically correct term, but they seem to be the hardest working people. I don’t know man.I don’t really have too much of an opinion, but I am very aware of it.

MITD: Broccoli City is all about community and giving back. If you had to pick two artists to head a community service project, who would you pick and what would you do?

REJJIE SNOW: I’d bring Erykah Badu and maybe like plant trees. That could be sick, cause trees are important. Like my girl she does all that shit and I’m just getting into it. I’m like planting stuff and it’s super therapeutic.

MITD: Ok, that’s one…

REJJIE SNOW:  And then I take fuckin’, I dunno, Lil Uzi. He seems really cool. We’d like– go to the schools, talk to the kids, and tell them to stop fucking around and shit. Yeah…Laughs]

MITD: One of the  goals of the Broccoli City Festival is to redefine cool by educating urban millennials on how to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Growing up in Ireland, what do you believe your community needed more of to become sustainable?

REJJIE SNOW: I think more infrastructures. More places to go for your talents. Like, yeah, more places to go. I never felt like I had anywhere to escape to. And like community centers there needs to be more of them cause you can just turn to bad things. It’s like inevitable. So, I definitely think that’s needed more. But like, real places to go, not places with people you don’t really connect with.Communities need more role models. I’ve lived there. Just like yeah, more positivity. I I’m definitely trying to go home soon, because like, I didn’t know people really like looked up to me on that level. So ? when I went home recently I was kind of like what the hell?  I guess I’m in some kind of position of power and I want to use that in a positive way.

MITD: For sure, and congrats on that. It’s probably an amazing feeling.

REJJIE SNOW: Yeah, nah, it’s the best feeling. It’s kinda what I always wanted. One of best feelings I ever wanted to feel, so yeah.

MITD: That’s so dope and a perfect transition to the last question. What’s next for Rejjie Snow?

REJJIE SNOW: I got an album coming out, a mixtape, just trying to do my thing man, become big, and do it in my own way. I’ll probably get into acting I’ve been really trying to get into that.

MITD: Yes to all of that. Thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us. On behalf of Made in the District and Broccoli City, we are wishing you the best and can’t wait to see you at the Broccoli City Fest!

REJJIE SNOW: Yeah! Let’s turn up. I’m real excited to play.


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