6 Reasons To Refill Your Water Bottle Right Now

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1. Drinking water can give you a productivity boost.

Hitting that 3 p.m. slump? One study found that because of water’s ability to increase gray matter in the brain, drinking enough water makes you 14 percent more productive. So keep a Big bkr glass water bottle, which holds 1L of water, at your desk and slug away—you’ll be thrilled when you can wrap up for the workday early and make it to your evening yoga class.

2. Got aching joints and muscles? Hydrate.

If you’re achy and sore no matter how much you stretch, chances are you’re just not drinking enough water. According to research, there’s a correlation between joint pain and dehydration, as water is an amazing way to lubricate the joints. Invest in a chic 500mL Little bkr bottle so you can easily stuff it in your gym bag and make sure to hydrate before, during, and after your workout.

3. Drinking water helps improve digestion.

Stomach not feeling quite right? You can eat all the leafy greens and take all the probiotics in the world, but if you’re not hydrating, your digestive system just won’t function properly. If you want to get things moving, research shows that water acts as the ultimate digestive aid, so drink up—specifically after your meal, when your body needs help breaking down your food.

4. Drinking water helps you sit less and move more.

Science says that sitting can kill you even if you exercise every day, so one thing health coaches recommend is drinking more water throughout the day so you have to get up and use the restroom more often. A cute bkr bottle will only add to your desk aesthetically, and if you want an extra trip out of your seat, get up and keep refilling it.

5. Drinking water helps you fall asleep.

Not getting enough rest? Jazz up your nightstand by keeping a Teeny bkr bottle (which holds 250mL of water) on your bedside table and drinking up before bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night. Drinking water helps balance minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, balancing your hormones in the process. This creates the conditions for the solid night of sleep that your body is craving. Plus, it’s a lot harder to spill a covered glass bottle everywhere if you happen to knock it over in the middle of the night—especially because it has that grippy sleeve!

6. Drinking water boosts your metabolism.

We’ve all been there: You just finished a huge meal, but 30 minutes later, you find yourself reaching for a snack. Guess what? You’re probably not hungry—you’re thirsty. By drinking more water you’ll stop mistaking your thirst for hunger. Additionally, drinking more water speeds up the metabolism and helps remove waste from the body.


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